Indispensable Tools of Dentistry

If a person has visited a dentist’s clinic, he will be finding himself amused by watching the number of equipment and tools a dentist uses in giving treatment to the patients. A dentist should have all the equipments with him so as to give proper and effective treatments to the patients.

Examination done by the dentist is the most important thing in the appointments made for dental treatment. The inspection of the dentition and tissues are accessed with the help of tools that are specially used, such as:

• Dental mirrors, which shows the images of the teeth that is located in the mouth, which is difficult or troublesome to view from front. Example- back side of the teeth.
• Probes like sickle probe, straight and periodontal probes are used for measuring the gums pocket depth that is for the purpose of evaluation of the health of gum tissue.
• Props and retractors helps the dentist in pulling the part of the mouth for the access in a better way, to the other area of mouth and keeping the mouth, Diamond Burs during the procedure, open, respectively.
• To cut the tooth away, drills that are high and low speed, driven by air, which have grip by friction, are the hand pieces for this purpose.
• Dental Burs Suppliers are of different types, shapes and classifications(pear shaped, flat fissure, tapered, bevel, football, round, flame, inverted cone, brown stone, chamfer, bud bur, steel, diamond, greenstone) that is to smoothen the edges of teeth that are rough.

The dental supplies that are restorative and help the dentist and the surgeon to fulfill and accomplish the treatments that are restorative like- crowns, fixed bridges, composite fillings, dentures are:-

Excavators (half hollenbach, smooth excavator) that are used to remove the decay that is soft, in the mouth.
• Pluggers (49, amalgam) are used normally to plug canal of the nerve, as the nerve is removed.
• Periodontal scalars (ultrasonic scalars, curettes) are used for removing and cleaning the dirt that is between the teeth.
• Different types of burnishers (beavertail burnisher, ball burnisher, J burnisher, flat plastic, cone burnisher, and pear shaped burnisher) are used in helping the dentists to fill the cavities.

Removal of tooth or dental extraction is done in cases like decaying of tooth. Instruments that are necessary in doing the surgical works and extraction are:-

• Dental Forceps(upper universal fine, upper straight short, upper universal, upper canine, lower universals, upper straight long, upper left molar, upper right molar, wisdom tooth on the upper side, root, greyhound, bayonet) are available in various types and classifications that looks similar to tongs and its primary function is to make a hold on and extraction of the tooth.

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