Service is the key to any successful organization. Above all, Commercial Hauling Company is a service provider. We consistently provide on-time deliveries, efficient service and high safety standards while being mindful of our customer’s business. We maintain open lines of communication with our customers and work with them to meet the expectations of their logistical needs. Our mission is to be a dependable company that our customers can trust.


Saving You Time

Our workforce is highly trained and certified to meet all your transportation needs. We hold ourselves to the highest standards with all of the services we offer, and in every aspect of the work we do. With Our professional drivers who have an in-depth knowledge of the local area, we’re dedicated to offering diverse and specialized capabilities tailored to your ever-changing needs. Take a look at some of the services we offer below.

Expedited shipping

Our nonstop expedited shipping services are a popular choice for businesses that are looking to have their shipment delivered as soon as possible.

Same Day Delivery

We understand that sometimes businesses need their cargo shipped in a hurry; that is why we offer fast and reliable same-day box truck delivery service for businesses located across the tri-state region. Depending on your location, we may also extend our same-day service

Available for Any Job

We currently offer reliable box truck delivery service to businesses in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, landscaping, construction, steel, agriculture, and More. Our fleet of box trucks includes vehicles with load capacities of: 100lbs up to 10,000lbs